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'Serious treatment for serious pain'

For the sake of brevity, some of these have been shortened.

"Roy,Thank you for helping me out today. About an hour after I left your office I began to realize how great I am feeling. You are by far the best massage practitioner in the area. Thank you so much!    Betsy G.

"I would like to recommend Alderman Massage to anyone that has a range of motion problem. I have a serious neck issue from a diving accident 50 years ago. After 2 sessions with Roy my range of motion greatly improved. After 4 sessions, it has DRAMATICALLY improved!! People who know me ask me what has happened. The man who sits beside me in church choir is astonished at the difference. I am more than willing to discuss this with any potential new clients. I can be reached by cell # (252) 723 - 9463. Sincerely, John Wickstead

"Roy Alderman, LMBT is a man and massage therapist who understands pain and knows how to get rid of it. During my first session with Roy, I was thrilled with the specific attention he gave to my problem area - my left hip and IT band. Not only did he find all the tender spots during the massage, but he also responded to my request for more attention and pressure where I felt it was needed. After the session, my hip felt great and continued to loosen up for several days since then." Felicia B.

“The quality and the approach of Roy's massage therapy sessions reflect his desire to meet his client's needs. He really listens and takes the time to ensure total focus on a customized session. His knowledge and skill provide a true holistic approach to mind, body and spirit.”       Don C.

“Roy is the best Massage Therapist that I have ever been to. He is by far the most professional when it comes to the actual massage. He gives a wonderful deep tissue massage. I personally have Fibromyalgia; I have seen many massage therapist over the last 20 years. I have never felt as good from any other massage treatment as I have when I left Roy's office. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to rejuvenate themselves from the stressors of a busy lifestyle.”  Betsy G.

“Having never had a massage in my life, I went in a little skeptical and skidish. I walked out a new man! My back, shoulders and neck haven't felt this great in years! I will definitely be visiting Roy again soon! You should too. Kevin S.

"I have been a client of Roy's for over 6 months. The attention he gives to the needs of his clients' is exceptional. He is genuinely concerned about improving the client's health and well-being." Tracy P.

"Roy was able to help me with a shoulder injury and he went the extra mile to educate me on the injury and show me the proper exercises to help heal my shoulder. He's a true professional.”
Tinker C.

“I am also a massage therapist and I have found that I am quite picky about from whom I choose to receive a massage. Like so many people, I hold too much stress in my shoulders and neck. Roy is always able to work through my knots and stress, restore range of motion, and decrease in pain. He will take the time to personlize your massage therapy session and meet your personal needs.”  Angela B.

“If you have not had a session with Roy you have never had a massage! From a great massage to loosen you up to a healing massage Roy can do anything! I have been to see him when I have been in a lot of pain from knots in my back and Roy had no problem getting rid of the pain! I had never been to see a male massage therapist before Roy, he is very careful and respectful.  I would recommend Roy to anyone needing a GREAT massage therapist!”  Amie G.

“Roy has helped me tremendously over the last 2 years. I have suffered from chronic back pain and stiffness for many years. Roy was not only able to help give me effective relief from my pain and stiffness, he helped me make some "lifestyle" changes that were directly related to my pain. Roy is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He truly cares about his clients and has dedicated himself to bringing relief and a better quality of life for those like myself who have suffered with chronic pain for so long." Ron C.      


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