Alderman Myofascial Therapy
'Serious treatment for serious pain'
About Myofascial Therapy

What Myofascial Therapy does:

Myofascial Therapy focuses on lengthening muscles that have shortened. The short muscles pull on other muscle groups making them too long, achey and sore. Myofascial Therapy restores muscular equilibrium and diminishes or eliminates pain. Common causes for this shortness and pain are: at a desk/behind computer all day, past injuries and highly repetitive motions/habits.

The process:

Myofascial work is superior for pain relief. It is deep, slow, interactive and can be intense depending on your particular issue. It IS NOT at all similar to "relaxation" masasage. More similar to physical therapy. It is collaborative and I rely heavily on the clients input to obtain optimal results.

Myofascial Treatment:

Looks at the body in a structural way.
Works through several layers of muscle tissue
Effects measured in days or weeks
Increases ease and range of motion
Focuses on lengthening shortened muscles and connective tissues
Interactive and relies on client input
Incorporates trigger point work, PNF stretches and release through movement

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